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The Museum of the Moon will dominate the city, and the highlight of the festival will be a lunar program, live entertainment, art, food, music and more. Choose a live painting competition from June 3-6, 2020, or the live painting and tournaments at the Wauwatosa Art Festival from June 2-3, 2019. The 50th anniversary of the museum will be celebrated this summer with a ceremony on Friday, 19 June 2015.

Art in various media, including glass, pottery, jewelry and painting, and artists from all over the world, from the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

The city hopes to add more murals in the future, though the Wauwatosa City Council may have to reconsider its outdoor design ordinance. The seven artists painted the large-scale mural on the east side of Tosa Street, which gives the area an extra boost of vibrant energy. Six of the murals bring even more life to the busy shops that line East T-Rosa Street.

NEWaukee will host a drawing competition from June 3-6, 2020, followed by a tournament from June 2-3, 2019, and a final round of the competition from July 1-2, 2018. The participants are selected by the Art64 Advisory Board, which includes members of the Wauwatosa City Council and the city's Building Department. In the final round, eight artists will compete to exhibit their work at the Milwaukee Art Museum and other local galleries. The application will also be considered in a public session on 1 August at 19: 00 in the foyer of the Town Hall. In the last round, nine artists from all over the state, as well as four from Wisconsin and one from the USA, will compete against each other in an open house, where they will exhibit their works in public spaces.

The public is invited to view the paintings at the Open Day from July 1 to 2, 2019 at the Wauwatosa Art Museum and other galleries in the region. Members of the Art64 Advisory Board, the City Council and the Municipal Building Department will invite members of the Art Advisory Board and the public to view - and see - these paintings in public spaces such as City Hall, City Hall and City Park.

The public is invited to see the paintings come to life through a specially developed web application ART 64. The Wauwatosa Art Museum and other galleries in the region, as well as the city administration and the city's building department.

Participants can also visit the Hawks Landscape Sculpture Garden and a collection of donated works from participating locations. Tickets for the show, including admission to all areas, can be purchased online for $10 at lfoa.mam.org. The silent auction ends on Sunday, June 21, and the public auction ends on Saturday, July 1, at the Wauwatosa Art Museum.

The Lakefront Festival of Art is presented by Milwaukee Magazine and Quad Graphics, with additional generous support from the Wauwatosa Art Museum and the Milwaukee County Museum of Natural History. If you think stories like this are important, join Urban Milwaukee and support true, independent journalism.

For adults, there's gourmet food at Milwaukee Magazine's Wine Garden, which sits in the Calatrava - designed by Burke - Breeze Soleil. Other attractions include the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Memorial Center, built in 1957, which houses the public library, lecture hall and city hall. In Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County Regional Medical Center is located, which includes a hospital, a special needs medical center for children and adolescents, and a nursing home. Additional school district services are provided through the Waukee County Grounds Youth Center.

Eastern Wauwatosa is also known for its historic buildings such as the Kneeland - Walker House and the Waukee County Courthouse. The residential district, designed in 1916 by renowned urban planner Werner Hegemann, was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1989, as were the Knieleland and Walker Houses. In 1998, the former high school campus, located north of the city, south of Interstate 94 and east of I-94, was added as a historic district with its own museum.

The lush Menomonee Valley in the Wauwatosa area is an ideal location for the creation of a new city, the first of its kind in Wisconsin. The city of Wausau (wau - also sa) was founded on April 30, 1840 by an act of the Wisconsin Territorial Legislature.

The Wauwatosa Tourism Commission has sponsored several initiatives to celebrate public art and attract visitors to the area, including the vote. The mural project has been in the works for three years, though outdoor art is nothing new to the city, city officials said. They looked at other cities, including Denver, Detroit and Buffalo, and concluded that it was time for East Tosa to take its turn.

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More About Wauwatosa