Wauwatosa Wisconsin Attractions

From the brick paths to the rolling blocks of the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds, this is as close to home as you could ever imagine to open or travel to a business, for business or leisure travelers. At home, you'll feel at home in the heart of one of Wisconsin's most vibrant and vibrant neighborhoods.

Go into the Foundation's backyard with the best cocktail set ever and drink as if you were quarantined in the Promised Land. Bebe to find beer, which means you owe it to yourself to drink before you are quarantined in your Promised Land.

If you're leaving town to explore the fall, why not pack your bags and take a trip to one of Wisconsin's most popular tourist destinations, such as Wauwatosa, Green Bay, Milwaukee or Madison?

Residents are also invited to take part in the Chillin 'On the Avenue event, which takes place in July from May to October. Festival - Visitors can also enjoy the Wisconsin State Fair at the Wauwatosa County Fairgrounds from August to September.

There are no self-guided tours or activities, but you can still go out and explore the area and get in touch with local businesses, restaurants and other businesses in the Wauwatosa neighborhood.

The village of Wauwatosa, also known as Tosa Village, serves as a local front and is also home to many community events and gatherings, including the annual Milwaukee County Fair, the Wisconsin State Fair and many other events. Doors Open Milwaukee gives visitors access to the Milwaukee Zoo, Milwaukee Art Museum and Milwaukee Public Library by following designated paths to keep away or visiting the galleries. The zoo presents a variety of animal shows and exhibitions, including live music, live animals and shows by local artists.

Eastern Wauwatosa, also known as Eastern Wausau, is home to the Milwaukee County Fair, the Wisconsin State Fair and many other local events.

Today you can enjoy the city's many entertainment options, from outdoor activities to a variety of community celebrations, as well as the many restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants.

Do not miss the tasting menu, which offers delicious cheeses, meats and small plates to enhance the wine tasting experience. The North Avenue Grill is also a good choice for tasty casual dining, but expect brunch at weekends. You can also try the best restaurants and bars in the city centre, such as the Wauwatosa Wine & Food Festival. A great way to try donuts and try the delicious donut and not eat at the Donuts & Donut Shop.

The beach is not the only attraction in the park, and along the Riverwalk there are many restaurants, bars and courtyards, so stop where it looks most inviting. Other meals are also easy to find at the American and Greek themed restaurant Pallas, which shares the hotel parking. You can also drop by at any time of day, as there are many restaurants, bars and a terrace on the riverbank.

Wisconsin's cheese curd is legendary for a reason, and you can always go to the Wisconsin Cheese Mart to see a delicious selection. Of course, there's plenty of good cheese to eat, but you'll be the first to get all the food, drinks and fun in Brew City. There are many ways to get milk from the cows at the zoo (they offer a tour), and there are guided tours of the Milwaukee Zoo and the Wauwatosa State Park Zoo. Sign up here for our daily Milwaukee email and contact our senior residential experts in Wausau and Wuerttemberg to plan your tour.

If you can only make one stop on your visit to Tosa Village, it must be this: Niemann's, which has been around since 1919, and the Little Red Store, one of the oldest stores in T Rosa, which was built in 1854. It served as a post office for the Milwaukee County Post and Express Company and remains a mainstay to this day. David Jennings and his wife have opened Jennings Park in Wellauer Park, which starts at 76th Street (Wilson Ave is to the north). Bluemound is located south of this border) with the construction of two phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase # 2 was born in 1985 on the East Side and is located at the corner of North Main Street and South Milwaukee Avenue, north of Green Bay Avenue.

This pedestrian and bike friendly area is full of restaurants, shops, outdoor dining restaurants and most of the shops here are owned by small business owners.

Wisconsin is a top 10 beer state, meaning locals and visitors have access to some of the best brews in the country. Located just outside Milwaukee, Wauwatosa residents and visitors have a wide selection of beers, from local breweries to craft beers from around the world. Sometimes we lose sight of them, but the Wisconsin Cheese Company (pictured below in their store) Carries artisanal farm cheese from around the world, including here in Wisconsin. It's worth repeating, and it's one of my favorite cheese shops in Wisconsin, and one that you might have lost sight of on a trip to Milwaukee.

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More About Wauwatosa