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Game Nights is not complete without our favorite game, 24 Game, and it is one of the most popular events in the state of Wisconsin.

Who doesn't love a good trick - or treat - and we sponsor this great event for Tosa kids. We are sponsoring a big Halloween party for the children and their friends and family. We are once again sponsoring the annual Halloween party for all our friends, family and friends of the Wauwatosa Police Department. Sponsored once again by the Wisconsin Department of Public Safety and the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, Wisconsin State Patrol.

Get to know free library programs and digital resources in this free family fun evening. Join a private members event with an epic indoor play area that includes an outdoor play area ($5- $10, subject to availability) and more.

Call the First Stage Box Office at 414 - 267 - 2961 or drop by to pick up your copy of the book and look it up at the Tosa Library.

The Wild Side ride through the Milwaukee County Zoo and we can look forward to a fun day of cycling, eating and having fun with the local bikers at the Tosa Farmers Market. Families from across the region will be cycling to support their local community organizations and businesses. The notes can be purchased and distributed at the farmers market ahead of the event on Saturday 23 July at 10 a.m. On Sunday, June 26, the Wild Side will travel from the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in Milwaukee to the Milwaukee County Zoo for the first time in over a decade. They will also be cycling back to their hometown of Wauwatosa on Monday, August 22, and back again, supported by local organizations such as the UW-Madison Cycling Club and the Wisconsin Cycling Foundation.

Book your Laser Day adventure with a family member and join us on Saturday, June 26th at 10 a.m. at the Wauwatosa Laser Tag Club Some of our favorite teachers will be here to play a few games with you, as well as some of the best Lasertag teachers in the area. Come and enjoy a fun day with friends and family in our LaserTag Club in Wausau.

Join a nearby NA 5k on May 18, 2019 sponsored by the Wauwatosa Area Chamber of Commerce, the Wausau Area Economic Improvement District and the City of Waverly. Join a race on May 17, 2018, or sponsor it or participate in one of the next NA 5Ks. Participation in an event or sponsor race in the area, such as the Wisconsin State Marathon or the Milwaukee County Marathon, is open to all.

A night of games and fun will take place on Saturday, May 5, 2019, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Wausau Public Library, WI 53212. Sponsored by Emberstadt for young readers from Tosa on Friday, 1 June 2018, at 18.30 in the library room of the library.

With the closure of the school building this spring, there is the possibility of bringing the bowling competitions to the high interest days of the schools. Supported by Hoyter Parkbad, in partnership with the Wausau Public Library and the School Board, a day of action will take place on Saturday, May 5, 2019, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the library, WI 53212, with high interest. Georgetown High School, in partnership with Hoyts Park and Pool, will be hosting the event on Friday, June 1, 2018, from 6: 30 p.m. to 7 p.m., at Hoytz Park, Wisconsin.

The Trace Adkins concert has been moved to July 9, 2021, and the Cheap Trick show has been moved from its original date of July 8, 2019 to July 10, 2020. The Trace Adkins concerts will be held at the Wausau Public Library, WI 53212, in association with Georgetown High School and Pool, from 6: 30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on July 7, 2018, and are attracting a lot of interest. At the Green Party convention on Saturday, June 2, 2017, at 7: 45 p.m. in the parking lot of Hoytz Park, Wisconsin. The low-cost animation show has been moved to the original date of the event, June 29, 2019, for July 5, 2023, or from 3 to 5: 15 p.m., July 6, 2523. However, a few months later, the TraceAdkins concert was moved from August 1, 2015 to July 4, 2016 and July 11, 2022.

You are invited to participate in the High Interest Day at several schools in 2018, and we invite you to contribute your Build - Your - Own Candy Store activities. TETNA neighbours who help us to ensure that every participating child takes home a cool activity book.

You don't have to live in Germantown to get a free library card, but make sure you have a great family evening at our Spring / Fall 2017 events. Click here to register your child (17 years old) for whom you would like to have a goodie bag and to reserve time to pick him up at the curb.

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