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The Women's Club of Wisconsin is one of Milwaukee's best-kept secrets, but the leadership doesn't want it that way. The private club in downtown Milwaukee struggled to attract 370 members when John Constantine became CEO in 1990. Since Constantine came, the Wisconsin club has spent about $30 million on improvements, including the addition of a new gym, fitness center and modern ballroom. Waukesha-based R & R Insurance Services Inc said the renovations included a $1.5 million renovation of the club's parking lot and $2 million of outdoor renovations.

Cafe Bavaria, like Cafe Benelux Downtown, has a market, but it is more of a café than a restaurant.

Food here is limited - beef here, but if you love beer, you can enjoy the Growler Gallery, which also serves wine, whiskey and adult slushhies. The great thing about Cafe Bavaria, such as Cafe Benelux Downtown or even Cafe Biergarten, is that you can bring food that you can enjoy with wine from the market vendors, but also order food and enjoy with wine.

Located in the center of the bustling Milwaukee Public Market, the Thief Wine Bar is an oasis to relax and enjoy a glass of wine. Wine lovers know where to go to experience a great wine and beer experience in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, and that's where they go.

Here you can meet up with friends for happy hour, which takes place on weekdays from 4 to 6 pm, and on Fridays from 4 to 6 pm. Happy hour is busy with bees and the fun never ends with a glass of wine, beer or wine and beer with friends at the bar.

When Packer's season is over, drop by Camp Bar on a Sunday afternoon and don't hesitate to drop in on the backyard, which is currently closed for dinner - in service. Drinks are served daily from 3 to 7 p.m., and those who sit at the bar have an incentive, because from Monday to Thursday there are special menus with beer, wine and wine, as well as special specialties to eat. When football season is upon us, Bar pulls out all the stops to throw a fun party, and drop by on Sunday afternoon when you're with the Packers in the off-season.

Throughout March we serve fun articles about bar and club drinks, including beer, wine and wine specialties, as well as special events. So keep an eye on our website and Facebook page. The club's leadership will continue to work with the Wisconsin Curling Club throughout the 2020-21 season and with other Wisconsin clubs throughout the year.

While no food is served here, there is Cafe Centraal next door, which is part of the chain, so be sure to take care of it. With new bars in Grafton, Oak Creek and Lake Country considered the most populous place for bars, it's worth a visit, especially with new restaurants and bars in the area.

The Western Outpost, which is getting a refresher in 2017, is also open late at the bar and will offer a series of ladies night specials on Thursday. The lounge is a popular place for couples looking for a Frou-Frou cocktail, but also for couples and couples with children.

If you are meeting up with friends for a show or concert, this is the place where everyone can find something to drink and eat. A table on the terrace is a great place for some of the best people to watch the city. The atmosphere is lively even if it's not St. Patrick's Day, and Colonel Hart acts like a bar with stalls and tables that make it a good place to meet a large group of friends.

The courtyard is illuminated with fairy lights, and the campfire provides warmth on a cool summer night. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a beer on the beautiful terrace directly opposite the Milwaukee Riverwalk. With a lively atmosphere, this is the place to see the game, as well as a great place for a picnic or a night out with friends.

Inside, a bar winds around the corner from the games room to the dining area and back again. A large bar room separates the play and dining area, so guests can enjoy a drink, watch a game or take their chance in the arcade.

The Wisconsin Club also allows non-members to hold events and weddings there, which is a potential marketing tool. The warmth of Key West and the Caribbean comes alive in the Parrot Head themed bar, which also serves a rich breakfast, lunch and dinner. Recently an outdoor bar and courtyard have been added and they plan to add a second bar with a courtyard for more casual dining and entertainment.

Milwaukee Brewing Co. beer is brewed locally and has 50 to 60 different taps, seasonal varieties have cult status. Craft beer fans will love the selection, which includes beers from around the world, including beers from Wisconsin, as well as from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Brewmaster Dave Bass has done a great job with the beer, which means you can sip on a beer while the food is higher than the typical bar snack.

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