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Milwaukee is always top of the list when it comes to beach holidays, and Bradford Beach on Lake Michigan is one of the most popular spots in the city of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. If you're looking for a family and a baby - friendly accommodations or activities on the outskirts of Milwaukee - the village of Wauwosa has a lot to offer. This is a busy little community that has a lot to offer, but the neighborhood offers many opportunities for those who like art, a bit of wine and good restaurants, but also want to enjoy life in the city center.

Popular area attractions include the Milwaukee Art Museum, the internationally acclaimed Milwaukee Public Theater production and the Wisconsin State Fair. Enjoy the city views from the roof of his house or the stunning Santiago Calatrava building, which flutters its wings once a day. Doors Open Milwaukee gives visitors the opportunity to follow designated paths to keep their distance and visit the galleries. Although most of the galleries are located downtown or within walking distance, more than 30 galleries in the cities participate, making it not only a fun way to discover galleries, but also to explore museums and see all of them, as well as see some of their artworks from around the world.

If you want to sample some of Milwaukee's famous beers, the two-mile RiverWalk is home to several local breweries. There is plenty of beer, which means you owe it to yourself to drink before you are quarantined in the Promised Land. If the Bucks don't play, chances are the Brewers could be on their own a little bit during the season.

Why not leave town to explore the fall, or take a trip to one of Wisconsin's most popular tourist attractions, the Wisconsin State Fair? Head out to the countryside for a taste of the milky air, enjoy neon autumn foliage at Gram's and spectacular views of the Milwaukee River and the Milwaukee County Courthouse in downtown Milwaukee.

At the farmers market you can stroll through the village of Tosa, which has many shops to offer, such as a bakery, café, grocery store and even a farmers market. This is a great way to explore the neighborhoods outside downtown and on the east side, just blocks from the Milwaukee County Courthouse and the Wisconsin State Fair.

Other attractions include the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Memorial Center, built in 1957, which houses a public library, lecture hall and city hall. The cathedrals are open 365 days a year, but Milwaukee residents can enter free on the first Thursday of the month. Admission to the Wisconsin State Fair is also free, while admission to the Milwaukee County Courthouse and Wisconsin State Fair grounds is always free. Milwaukee residents can enter free on the second and third Thursdays of each month, and on the third and fourth Fridays.

The beach is not the only attraction in the park, but you can also visit the Wisconsin State Fair, the Milwaukee County Courthouse and other attractions. There are many restaurants, bars and courtyards along the Riverwalk, so stop by wherever it looks most inviting. The beer garden offers live music and is a good place to meet family and friends after work. It is also a great way to try some of the local craft beers such as beer, wine, cider and wine. While it is fun to go there in the evenings during the week, it is also an excellent place for a quick lunch or dinner with friends or family at the weekend.

If you prefer to relax in the indoor pool, you can skate at the Petit National Ice Center, bowling at the Milwaukee Ice Arena or work out in one of the many indoor gyms.

Of course, our guide to what to do with your Wauwatosa baby is also full of amazing foods. Wisconsin Cheese Quards are legendary for a reason, and you can always head to the Wisconsin Cheese Mart to see a delicious selection. There are guided tours to get milk from the cows in the zoo (they offer guided tours) to taste and also learn the cheeses from their local farms. Of course there is a lot of good cheese to eat and a lot to learn, so of course we had to have some of it.

You will also be able to manage neighborhood tours and activities yourself, but you can still explore and get out and explore. You will see a lot of great shops and restaurants, as well as some great art galleries and of course lots of fun activities.

Wauwatosa is home to the Milwaukee County Regional Medical Center, which includes the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Health Care System and Wisconsin Children's Hospital. Additional school district services are provided to youth residents of Milwaukee County Grounds, the Juvenile Health Center at Milwaukee Community College and Milwaukee Public Schools.

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